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Cold Day
An Outdoor Woman's Magazine Article By Anne Marie Goslak

It was a chilly October morning. As I was walking out of the hotel, I bumped into a fellow competitor who was playing in the same tournament.

“Sure is cold this morning!” she said.

“Yes”, I replied, “You think it's about five or could it even be ten yards short today?”

We both agreed that the front nine would be plus ten yards and by the time we got to the back nine, it would only be plus three yards, based on how fast the temperature was rising.

A man walking next to us said, “I don't mean to eaves drop but what on Earth are you two talking about???”

I realized at that moment that “normal people” don't look at the temperature in terms of how it will affect a golf ball. They don't purchase a CASE of hot hand warmers so they can get ready for the winter golf season. And they don't spend $150 on one pair of long underwear.

However, if you plan on playing winter golf, here are a few things for your consideration.

1-If the temperature gets around 49 degrees, it's going to add 5 yards to your shot. If it gets below 43 degrees, add 10. The golf ball will not travel as far in the cold air.

2- Since your hands control the club face, you need to keep them warm no matter what. Even if you don't feel cold, blood still leaves your extremities when the temps drop. I buy a case of hand warmer for the season, and keep one in each pocket from Oct-Feb.

3-Layer your clothing. After my underwear, I wear a tank top commonly referred to as a "wife beater". It's soft, thin, and it helps keep me from sweating under my clothing. The next layer might be a turtle neck or thermal top, then a sweater. The most valuable piece of clothing is a fleece sleeveless vest. It allows you to move your arms while still keeping your core warm. A rain jacket on top is a good way to block the wind.

On the bottom half of me, I will wear silk thermal pants then my usual khaki pants. You can buy silk thermals at a ski shop or camping store. The good ones are expensive, but worth it. Most hunting stores have a larger selection than a golf shop. I bought the top and bottom for $150, but they have lasted for years. On a very cold day, I will add rain pants to block the wind.

4-This last tip is for those of us who are over 40. You know how your back tightens up on a cold day? Get the thermal back belts. You can buy them in the local drug store. They stay warm for 8 hours.

This winter, don't put your clubs away. Just layer, buy some hot packs it and adjust your club selection. Golf is a year round sport. Go tee it up today!

-Anne Marie Goslak