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The National Junior Golf Club

Anne Marie Goslak was recognized as one of the Top 50 LPGA Instructors, from more than 1,700 certified members, worldwide.

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First Hand Experience...
As a child, Anne Marie won numerous local, state and national junior golf titles, including the National Junior Invitational. She qualified for match play in the US Pub Links Championships as well as the USGA Junior Championships.

Anne Marie went thru the college recruitment process, before securing a golf scholarship to Wake Forest University. She can relate to your child because she has experienced life as a junior golfer. She can help you understand what your child needs to take it to the highest level.

Customized Programs...
Anne Marie refuses to offer "cookie cutter" junior golf programs, where every kid gets the same information. Each program is customized for your child, after careful consideration of their needs. Whether your child wants to play social golf, win an NCAA championship, or play on the tour, Anne Marie will create a plan that includes:

  • Private or group lessons
  • Advice on what tournaments to play
  • Practice schedule
  • Three to five year plan based on player's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Goal setting and strategic planning for golf and life.
  • Guidance on the college recruitment process including letter writing, phone calls, how to interview with a coach, how to negotiate, and final decision making.
  • Pre and Post tournament phone/text support

Proven Results...
Over 40 of "Anne Marie's kids" have received golf scholarships. Former students have played on the mini tour, gone to the PGA and LPGA Qualifying Schools, or become nationally recognized teaching professionals.

Success is a Process...
Anne Marie can help your child have the best chance of being successful. Your child still needs to do the work, but achieving a dream is a lot easier when someone maps out a plan and leads the way!

For a customized plan or to get more information, contact Anne Marie today.

Email: AnneMarie.Goslak@countrycluboflandfall.com or Call: (336)345-4633

Read Anne Marie's Article on College Scholarships: FINAL College Effort

If you would like to form your own small group (2-6 golfers) and do a customized clinic, you can schedule a one time clinic or come weekly. You are in control of "who and how often".

Group rates are 2 People ($65 each), 3 People ($55 each), 4 People ($50 each), 5 + People ($45 each).

To form your own customized clinic, contact Anne Marie at 336-345-4633 or AnneMarie.Goslak@countrycluboflandfall.com

Parents and Junior Golfers PLEASE Read!!
Let's assume that by now, you have decided that you want me to coach your child. What can you expect from me? What do I expect from you and your child?

I, Anne Marie Goslak,

  • Promise to always be honest with you and your child about how good they can be. I will not sugar coat the truth. I will not lie to build up your child's self esteem. It is my job to assess talent, share my vision with the client and motivate them to achieve their highest potential.
  • Promise to take your dream seriously, whether it is to improve just enough to beat your dad or get on the PGA or LPGA Tour. I value ALL levels of achievement.
  • Promise to consistently work to improve my teaching by reading the latest research based articles, attending seminars and studying outside of the golf realm. (physics, anatomy, kinesiology, psychology)
  • Promise to be a support system for both the player and their family. Being a golf parent is not easy. I can help you and your child navigate the challenging waters of junior golf because I've lived it and coached it for more than 40 years.

I expect from YOU, the student to...

  • Do your best to communicate with me. If you have a question or concern, let me know. If you disagree with me, don't just "Yes Ma'am" me and then do what you want to do. Let's talk it out and find a solution together.
  • Do your practice drills exactly as I asked you to. Adding additional info from the Golf Channel, your parents or your golf buddy destroys the plan and progress I have in mind.
  • If you want to be an elite golfer, I will expect you to do a Golf Journal, Affirmations, Visualizations, and Mental Exercises. A good swing is not enough. I offer a total package of teaching. Skipping the other aspects of the game will set you up to fail.

I expect from the PARENTS...

  • In order for your child to have the best chance to achieve their golf goals, I need YOUR help. Be open to the suggestions I make. Take the time to learn the "Do's and Don't" of being a good Golf Parent. I've worked with hundreds of kids over decades of teaching. Let me help you to avoid the most common pit falls.
  • Resist the urge to coach your child on the side. That puts everyone in a "Lose-Lose" situation. Your child wants to please you so they try and listen to you. Meanwhile, what you are saying is often 100% opposite of what I want them to do. A child divided is not a pretty sight. Let me teach you how to be a second set of eyes. Stick to only the things that I ask you to.
  • Please, please, please, do not send your child to another clinic or instructor, even if it's free. Whether it is me, or another instructor, stick with ONE voice for your child.


Every year, somewhere between November and January, I sit down and go over my notes. I then rank each child, based on a number of factors: Work ethic, attitude, potential, national or state ranking and what grade they are in. Based on their total score, I invite junior golfers to schedule, in advance, for the following year. I do this because teachable time is limited, due to day light and frost, from Jan-March and again from Oct-Dec. I tend to book up quickly.

The higher the ranking, the better chance the child has of getting the exact lesson time they want. You do not go higher in the ranking, based on how many lessons you take or how much I like working with you. It's purely a mathematical selection.

Booking in advance is NOT required. You do NOT need to pay for those lessons in advance. I know there will be changes to the schedule.

Anne Marie is proud to partner with Classic Junior Golf of America...
Classic Junior Golf offers a unique competitive experience for children ages 4th-12th grade.

They play at top notch golf tournaments in the Carolinas and plan to expand in 2015. If you want your child to play collegiate golf, the competitive experience starts NOW!

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