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I have been fortunate enough to be a contributing writer for various publications such as "Chicken Soup for the Woman Golfer's Soul", "Triad Golf Today", "Today's American Woman", "Blue Ridge Golfer", a really neat publication called "Outdoor Woman", and most recently "Forsyth Woman".
I hope you enjoy this small collection of articles.


Kicked In The Head. - Although martial arts and golf are very different sports, the connection between the brain and the body are the same.

MississippiSusan. - The Heart of a Teacher.

LOFT. - Lack of Freakin' Talent!

Progression. - It is sometimes hard to understand the natural progression of junior golfers.

Tennessee Womens Open. - It's all fun and games til the Golf Channel shows up!

Ashley Knoll. - Ashley was a competitive, talented force of nature.

Things I Hate. - I hate three things in life. Cancer, tendonitis, and girlfriends.

FINAL College Effort. - With thousands of kids vying for only a handful of scholarships, how can a player make the short list of candidates?

Failure. - Failure is sometimes the stepping stone to success.

It's a Choice. - Elite performers make a conscious choice. In the areas that are important to us, everything matters.

Math. - Each person needs a "Go to Team" to help them in various situations.

Miley Cyrus. - Doing something for effect or for the pure thrill of it really is wasteful when you have the talent to go a more traditional route.

What would it take to become a Teaching Pro with the LPGA? - It's never too late to learn and share your knowledge with others.

Got Kids? - A man asked me the other day, "Do you have kids?" I replied with a lot of enthusiasm, "Yes, I DO! I have forty kids in college, two on the mini tour, and another twelve on their way to college in the next two years."

Getting Older? Get Better! - Even as you get older, there are still things you can do to hit the ball farther and score lower.

Math and Golf. - The question is not whether you need math for golf. The question is, how many different kinds of math do you need?

American Idol Syndrome. - When people surround themselves with folks who 'blow smoke' and tell them they are better than they are.

Cold Day. - Don't put your clubs away this winter.

Election Year. - The world of politics is a lot like golf.

Pick a Club, Any Club. - Let me enlighten you to the world of math and golf.

Planning To Succeed. - If you want to succeed, there's some ground work to be done first. You must plan to be successful.

Consistent Thought to a Consistent Swing. - If you want consistency, control your thoughts, be specific in your actions, monitor your behavior and get feedback from a trained professional who can help you.

Getting on the Right Path. - Life is too short to keep turning down the wrong path.

The Golf Course vs. the Board Room. - Will what works on the golf course, work in the business world?

Golf Gives Back - Golf, as a sport, gives back. Golfers, as a community, give back.

Master's Party - Generosity comes in many different forms. And for those of us lucky enough to bear witness... we learned you are never too young to make a difference.

Golf With Anne Marie - An introductory article for a local publication called Forsyth Woman.

Captain's Choice - I get "the call" about ten times a year - "I have a company golf tournament next week at Grandover Resort and I have never played before. I have an old set of clubs my neighbor gave me. Do you think you can get me ready to play by next Saturday? It's a Captain's Choice. What does that mean?"

Returning to Golf - Whether it was a short recovery from an injury or just simply returning to golf after a couple months of cold weather, Anne Marie shares with you how to return to golf safely.

Dads and Daughters - Dads and daughters have a special bond. Golf is a journey and it's one I was lucky enough to take with my dad.

Dad Shots - My dad was a "hack golfer". I'd follow him into the woods, creek beds, and hazards. Then I'd say, "Hey Dad, can I drop a ball here with you and try your shot?" Hence the name "Dad Shot".

How did I get here? - Have you ever woken up and asked yourself, "How in the world did I get HERE?"

Perfect Day - "New students are like Christmas gifts. You don't know what you are about to receive, but you are excited about it, none the less."

Picking Out Clubs - Figure out why you are playing golf before you buy equipment.

Plan Early - The road to a college scholarship in golf is a long one. Start it early and understand the level of dedication required. Dream big, but plan early.

Practice Like You Play - You get to the practice range to warm up before your round, hit a small bucket of really good golf shots. You walk to the first tee anticipating a great day, and BAM! You suddenly lose everything you thought you had that day. So what happened? Where did those good shots go and why can’t you hit them on the golf course?

Golf-The Great Equalizer - On the golf course, it is not the size of the player, the level of the bank account or the title on the business card that counts. It is the skill of the golfer.

You CAN play with the Big Dogs - We, as women, are not as big as men, nor as strong, but we can still hit the long ball with the “big dogs”.  What we need is the confidence to do it and the technique to back it up.

The Competitive Kid - What to do when your child golfer wants to be the next Tiger? - So what do you do if your child likes the game?  How young is too young for lessons?  When should they play in a tournament?  If they hope of getting a scholarship, what do they need to do?

Improvement Through Patience - Somewhere between Jiffy Pop and the microwave, the concept of being patient was officially dead. So what does all this have to do with golf? It has to do with understanding how you can build a better golf swing and be more consistent. Be patient and persistent.

A Parent's Part in Raising a Champion - Over the years of teaching, I have realized, however, that the real back bone of any young player is not the coach.  It is the parents. 

Women at The Masters - An Editorial - The snow is melting, the Magnolias are budding, and the sound of the Masters Golf Championship is in the air.  “What do you think of the Master’s Controversy?”